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Tiny Cottages

Tiny cottages are designed to be mounted on a standard foundation.  Our cottages can be prefabricated or can be built using modular construction and transported to site. 

Our cottages make a great weekend retreats or hunter's cabin. They can be austere or can be fully equipped with kitchen, bathroom, storage and enclosed bedrooms - your choice...

Tiny cottages range from 200 – 600 square feet.  

Our Cottages can be transported to site – or they can be built on site using pre-fabricated building units, such as SIP panels. 

Our Cottages can also be built in modules, with each module comprised of major home components, i.e a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, utility room or living room. Each module can be added (or swapped) based on need. Modules can be added one-by-one – starting with a base kitchen / bedroom / bathroom module, then adding additional living space, as needed.  i.e. start with a 200 square foot starter module and add bedrooms, bathrooms and living space as needed.  

Need another bedroom … just add one… 

We provide:

  • starter modules (basic services such as: living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom)
  • bedroom modules (master bedrooms and enchanting kids bedrooms)
  • bathroom and shower modules
  • entertainment modules
  • kitchen modules (efficiency and grommet)
  • modules to support energy management, storage and utility functions
  • garage and shop modules
  • and modules which combine any (or all ) of the above

Examples of our Tiny Cottages:

Tiny Cabin

Walden Pond Cabin

Our Walden Pond Cabin is our minimalist cabin, designed to match the cabin built by Thoreau at Walden Pond. The basic model is 10 ft. x 16 ft.

The cabin comes in several configurations:

  1. Basic Walden Pond: our basic 3 season cabin.  Keep it simple, and inexpensive.
  2. Walden Pond Reloaded: modernized with lap siding, interior finishes and ample windows. This cabin is fully insulated.  
  3. Walden Pond with Comfort: a bathroom has been added to our "Reload" cabin.    

The Walden Pond is our simplest retreat cabin - start simple, then add features, as needed.

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Tiny Cabin


mystic tiny home

The Mystic Cabin is our efficiency cabin, complete with kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room.  

The Mystic includes all conveniences and is ready for customization.

This cabin can be mounted on structural foundation or on a trailer - a portable home!

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The Mystic Cabin - at a glance....

Tiny Cabin
Tiny House
Tiny Cottage
Tiny Bungalow
Hunter's Cabin
Tiny Cabin 1
19' inside 7' 6" inside first floor
side entry "L" kitchen with
gourmet options
full bathroom
with toilet,
shower & sink
20' total 8' 5" total


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Tiny Homes - in Pictures

A sampling of Tiny Home designs, all from the tiny home industry around us.

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